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Ace Weekly

Oct 28, 2019

SCALING AND SYSTEMIZING: The key to multiplying your time. Do you ever feel like you avoid the 40-hour work week just to find yourself working all day every day? With a dramatic shift towards entrepreneurship, people are willing to add things to their plate with the ultimate goal of having more freedom. The key to really achieving this freedom is learning how to scale and systemize processes through the right people. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. When you’re able to scale programs through the right people, it allows you to multiply your time and play to your strengths. This week, Andrew and Luke cover some keys to systemization, playing to people’s strengths, and how to maximize the long term output of your business. 
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00:19- Intro
03:00- Scaling out your time
07:00- Owning a business vs owning a job
09:30- Building the foundation 
11:30- Systemizing repetitive processes
14:00- Playing to people’s strengths 
16:00- Setting people up for success
18:00- Find people who are better than you
19:30- The key to teaching & systemizing through people
24:00- Long-term vision and promotion