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Ace Weekly

Apr 13, 2020

CHANGING LIVES: What skill does someone in business need now more than ever with the coming of COVID-19? The ability to adapt will be what separates the businesses that come out strongest after the coronavirus pandemic. 


This week on ACE Weekly, we are featuring Andrew’s interview on the Changing Lives Selling Knives podcast. The roles are reversed and Andrew is interviewed by Dan Casetta about his upbringing in his sales, the lessons he learned along the way, and the role long-term vision amidst uncertainty. Then Andrew dives into the critical importance of the adaptation & innovation game that gets businesses and leaders ahead in these times. 


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03:00- Andrews upbringing in sales & lessons learned along the way


19:00- Traits & characteristics that lead to success


23:00- The role of long-term vison


29:00- Adaptability & the innovation game


42:00- Skillset, capital, and relationships