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Ace Weekly

Oct 9, 2019

Do you ever feel slow after days of traveling? Have you been operating on overdrive for so long that you feel physically, emotionally, or mentally burnt-out? After a brief hiatus, ACE Weekly is back to give you some very tangible tips on how to make a bounce back. Sometimes it feels impossible to get back into the flow when you’re feeling exhausted. Everyone experiences mountains and valleys but tune in this week to learn how you can make a comeback after feeling physically or emotionally drained. Also included is a free business idea to solve one of our biggest traveling pet peeves!
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00:19- Intros
04:30- The exhaustion of traveling
07:00- Intentionality in traveling
10:20- Being present to how you feel
12:20- The importance of hydration
15:45- Planning and scheduling
17:45- Specific nutrition tips
20:20- Prioritizing sleep
21:15- Working out after traveling
23:30- Getting back and in the flow 
27:20- Getting in the right environment