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Ace Weekly

May 14, 2019

Andrew Biggs joins ACE Weekly to share his perspective on the why’s behind high performance. As a performance coach for 7 figure earners, Andrew Biggs is a master of self-awareness, and helping you find the underlying purpose behind why we do what we do. He takes the leadership and psychology of top earners a layer deeper than most others. Biggs coached Andrew last year, leading him to where he is today as a leader. Andrew is used to being questioned by Biggs, but this week he gets the unique opportunity to question his own coach for the benefit of the ACE Weekly community. 


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00:19- Introduction and request for today’s show

03:00- Introducing Andrew Biggs

07:00- Andrew Biggs’ background 

09:30- Advice for graduates

11:00- The importance of sales and leadership experience to make an impact

14:00- Stepping out of your comfort zone and into immersive experiences

17:00- Listening to your intuition

21.00- Think big by disrupting the status quo

24:00- Doing what’s congruent with who you are

27:00- Avoiding drifting with self-awareness

28:30- How to handle the feeling of emptiness

30:10- Finding your purpose vs your role

35:30- What does it mean to be self-aware 

39:00- Observing your thoughts

42:40- How to start listening and choosing your story

46:00- How to view your emotions

48:00- The basics of mediating and untapping your emotions

52:10- Taking care of yourself physically 

54:00- Biggs decision to stop drinking and healthy constraints for fulfillment 

59:00- Have a plan for your relationship with substances

1:02:00- Building vision for your life through priorities

1:06:00- Who must you become to accomplish your why

1:08:30- Special offer from Andrew Biggs