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Ace Weekly

Jan 21, 2020

REAL RAW ENTREPRENEURSHIP; Chris Gilpin joins the show this week to share lessons about life and business that will align with anyone who values entrepreneurship. Chris Gilpin cofounded a business while working with Apple, which he eventually sold to Yelp for $25 Million. After selling his business, he dove into multiple ventures, cofounding other start-ups as well being an angel investor in 8 different companies. Chris shares his experience on funding and scaling start ups, difficulties with hiring/management and establishing the right culture in a rapidly expanding business, as well as the role of mental health in the fast paced world of entrepreneurship today. This podcast is content-rich with bare-bones entrepreneurial perspective and advice. You won’t want to miss it!


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00:19- Intro

03:00- Chris’s background

09:00- Prerequisites for entrepreneurship

12:00- Limiting the risk of entrepreneurship 

17:30- Knowing when it was time to leave his job at Apple 

20:00- Challenges with early start-up stages 

22:30- The value of culture & communication 

26:00- The importance of diversity for long term success

29:00- Merging his company with Yelp

32:00- Diving into something new

37:00- How Chris evaluates angel investment/small business opportunities

44:00- Prioritizing mental health with such a busy lifestyle

50:00- Advice for anxiety & mental struggles of entrepreneurs today

53:00- Reducing the “noise”

56:00- Basic meditation practice