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Ace Weekly

Jan 5, 2021

What is your ideal client? What if you could find a client that has astronomical amounts of money to spend, has to use their full budget every year, buys literally everything and anything, they always pay on time, and they’ll do business with you for decades? Jack Syney found this client... THE GOVERNMENT.


Jack Syney is a government sales expert. He’s used his sales expertise to do business with what few realize to be the ideal client. On this episode, Jack walks through why the government makes an ideal client to sell your product or service no matter what it is! This year, the government has spent over ten trillion dollars, and you have the power to take advantage of that. Jack also shares what it takes to make it in sales, 10 keys to success, and offers resources on how you can become a government sales expert at

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Show Notes:

00:19- Intro

02:30- Introducing Jack Syney

06:00- Advantages selling to the government 

11:00- How selling to the government works

18:00- How Jack got to where he is

22:00- Lessons growing up with adversity

28:00- Listen to people who have done it

32:00- Follow the money, find opportunities

38:00- Thoughts on government spending

45:00- Making it in sales 

50:00- 10 keys for success

57:00- Investing in yourself in your 20s

1:02:00- Learn to sell to the government