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Ace Weekly

Feb 3, 2021

Serial entrepreneur, actor, and CEO Rob Gough treats his life like one big game with a multitude of levels. In college, Rob beat cancer and took on the corporate world. He treated the corporate world and his work with Finish Line as an opportunity to learn and develop himself before transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. He’s an expert on brand acquisition and buying companies that 10x their results. He’s the CEO of DOPE (former apparel / streetwear brand and now specializing in CBD products) and he’s even an actor and producer for many films such as  Billionaire Boys Club. As of recently, he is now the owner of the most expensive baseball card in the world. 

His resume speaks for itself, and this week Rob shares his wisdom on succeeding in a variety of industries, keys to business acquisition, and the future of leadership. Tune in this week to take your results to the next level and see an example of what’s possible when you commit to beating the game of life!


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Show Notes:

00:19- Intro

03:00- Introducing Rob Gough

07:00- Rob’s first businesses, college life, and fighting cancer at a young age

14:00- Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship after college

18:00- Acquiring the DOPE brand

24:00- Wanting others to win

27:00- Purchasing the most expensive sport card in history 

33:00- What to look for when acquiring businesses 

37:00- Rob’s acting & producing career

41:00- Juggling acting with entrepreneurship

45:00- The future of leadership