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Ace Weekly

Feb 22, 2021

Imagine going through an endless hallway with seemingly infinite doors, and behind each door you’ll find conferences, social events, and conversations catered to your specific interests. You can take a back seat and listen, engage as a speaker, or even start an event of your own to discuss whatever topic you like. You also have the ability to directly connect with thought leaders, celebrities, and experts in most any field.


This is Clubhouse. The audio-only real time social media app is taking the world by storm. It’s revolutionizing business & connecting people in a way that’s never been capable. 


This week Clubhouse expert & Entrepreneur Rita Goodroe joins the show to discuss why you should care about “the next big thing”. It can be easy to dismiss any new form of social media nowadays, but Clubhouse is built different. Listen this week to hear why and how you should get started, as well as tips to use Clubhouse as the next tool to transform your business, reach, or network. 


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00:19- Intro 

04:00- Introducing Rita Goodroe

08:00- Finding your authentic self

12:00- Jumping into the unknown

18:00- Treating your job like a loan

21:00- What is Clubhouse and why should you care?

28:00- How do you get started on clubhouse?

33:00- Growing your following

37:00- The next great people connector

45:00- Resources to take advantage of Clubhouse